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Client Comments

"It is difficult for me to describe what counselling did for me other than it turned my life around. I wish I had met Pam many

years ago. How did she do it? I don’t really know. She listened and asked questions and occasionally reminded me what I had

said. I became able to live with and control my emotions. She helped me to restore my self confidence. The experience has

not faded after five years."


"Pam provided me with an open space to discover me, build my confidence, assertiveness and also my ability to say no.

I found my own voice and also found it an accepting and incredibly useful experience."


"One of Pam's many great attributes is an ability to listen deeply to what you say - she picked up on certain circumstances that

caused me real physical (and ultimately mental) pain which I hadn't even explicitly spoken about - to me, that made all the difference.  Sometimes you don't need someone to tell you all the answers - but a caring listener with the expertise of Pam

will help you through anything that's causing bother, believe me."


"Pam was very good at helping me to feel safe and comfortable from the first session onwards.  This allowed me to explore issues and challenges in my life. It always felt like a collaborative approach where I could explore the issue and Pam could offer her objective point of view. I will have no hesitation in working with Pam again should I need some help in the future." 


"Pam was able to make me feel relaxed from the moment I arrived, she had the knack of getting me to open up and just talk

about problems I was having at a particularly distraught time in my life. There was just the feeling of being able to offload and

Pam helped me see a different path to take from the one I was on.  She does not tell you how to solve the problem, but helps

you to see it and solve it for yourself. She was able to get me to talk about problems or difficulties I have had in the past and

buried deep within myself for years and years, which in turn helped me with a lack of confidence and self doubt and also to

help me over a loss I had in my life recently."


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