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"In a certain light as after rain,

in pearled clouds or the water beyond,

seen or sensed water, sea or lake,

you would stop still and gaze out

for a long time.

Also when fireflies opened

and closed in the pines,

and a star appeared,

our only heaven. 

You taught me to live like this."

           Carolyn Forche,         

         The Lightkeeper

Our Inner Lighthouse

I am a firm believer that inside each of us is a guiding light which, despite the waves and storms of daily life, keeps us right and shows us the way to safety and peace.  If we can find a way to connect with that inner light, we can also shed light around us, offering warmth, compassion and a way forward and feeling happier and more centred.  Others tend to pick up on this subtle quality and know that they are safe there.

Some might call this inner light their soul or true self and it acts like an anchor.  Rather than being seen as somewhere to escape to when the storms are raging around, it's more of a glowing centredness which revolves around, bringing light to lost souls.

We might find at times we feel "at sea", lost, stuck on the rocks, or feeling in danger of sinking.  The waves, the daily ups and downs of life, may be stormy or we might find ourselves just drifting aimlessly, in the doldrums.  It's time to look around and see where we are.  Are we heading towards the rocks?  Out to sea?  Going round in circles?  Searching for land?  Are we on course?

Counselling can help us try to answer some of these questions, tap into our inner light and help us feel at peace with ourselves and those around us.

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